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More information about myself and my personal interests can be found by following this link.

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Currently I am employed at ChipSoft, you can find out more about my projects and work.

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Curriculum Vitae

Download my latest version of my resume. It is also a summary of what you can find on this website.

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Welcome to my website!

Created by M.H. de Groot

I am an energetic, a very competitive person who combines courage, scientific knowledge, healthcare knowledge, ICT knowledge and common sense in the right dosage. With my knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare and ICT; I support hospitals to translate work processes into the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), to help them to get the best out of the EPR! I have studied Medical Informatics external link and gained my Master of Science degree in 2009 at the University of Amsterdam external link.
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Manager CDMT

Held this position since February 2016

Since Febuary 2016 I served as the manager of the CDMT (Content Development & Management Team) and consultants. This team is responsible for developing new complex features and integrate those features into the EPR's that can be used by healthcare professionals.

Tasks and responsibilities
My current position

Manager DTAP

Held this position since January 2015

Since January 2015 I served as the manager of the DTAP (Development, Testing, Accepting, Production) team and consultants. This team is responsible for implementing the DTAP procedure at ChipSoft & clients and securely transfer new EPR content from ChipSoft to clients.

Tasks and responsibilities
My current position

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